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Breaking: Cameroonians Invade Taraba Village, Kill Monarch, Set Houses on Fire

Breaking: Cameroonians Invade Taraba Village, Kill Monarch, Set Houses on Fire

Emmanuel Bwacha, the Senator addressing Taraba South, raised the alert that Nigeria’s power was under danger He said Ambazonia separatists from Southern Cameroon attacked the Manga people group in the Takum nearby government space of the state According to him, the rebel in the process killed the town head and a few occupants and furthermore set houses ablaze

Day by day Trust is revealing that Manga people group in Takum nearby government Area of Taraba state has been assaulted suspected Ambazonia rebel from Cameroon. The paper is citing Senate representative minority pioneer, Emmanuel Bwacha, who asserted that the suspects gunned down the town head and a few inhabitants of the local area

The administrator, going under an important matter during Senate whole on Wednesday, November 17,said the inhabitants were killed during an intrusion of the local area by the Cameroonian separatists, who likewise wrecked down the town.

He therefore approached the military to quickly take care of business to forestall the possible control of Manga people group by the separatists.

“I rise toward the beginning of today to draw the consideration of our kinsmen and especially our security offices to this terrible episode which subverts our respectability and sway as a country. “Takum neighborhood government houses the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, thus Mr. President, it is my unassuming accommodation that the Nigerian Army should adapt to the situation and control this wanton regional development. “Their (Separatists) intention is yet obscure, regardless of whether they need to extend an area or lay case for Southwest Cameroon isn’t yet clear. “As I talk, various people have disappeared and their whereabouts are yet obscure. The town additionally is demolished down.”

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