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[Story time] Flame (Episode 1) By Musicwiz ||HarryAgaps

Flame (Episode 1) By Musicwiz ||HarryAgaps

Β Episode 1. Most stories start with ‘once upon a time‘ but I choose to say mine differently. My name is Flame πŸ”₯ a girl with a mindset that compliments her name.

I am a young adult, i don’t think my age is important for now, all you need to know is am about to change the world. How I’ve always wanted to say that 😁, like I said earlier my name is Flame πŸ”₯ am from a little village called zatosh a small village at the outskirts of an island called vox⛰️.

I am the only child of my parents πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ so I’ve been told because I never met them I was told they died but the details was never really disclosed to me.

My village is situated close to the beach🏝️ thereby making farming and fishing as the main occupation. But all has not been well in my village, mysterious things keeps happening since my birth.

The forest🌴🌳 surrounding our village was said to have grown thicker over night thereby making it almost impossible for anyone to go out of the village, the nights seem to have gotten longer, we keep hearing strange noises deep in the forest but all that’s gonna change no.

Am going to find out the cause of all this mysteries and why it all started on the day of my birth, does it also have something to do with my parents death πŸ€” I wonder .

cc: Musicwiz

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