[Music] Ama Shallangwa – Human (Prod By Sunny Pee & Offbeat studio)


After a brief hiatus, Edinburgh based gospel artiste, singer and songwriter, Ama Shallangwa returns with a thought-provoking song simply titled, “Human.”

She shares the story behind the song:

“The song “Human” was borne out of the desire to see people be humans, love themselves and love their neighbours. During the lockdown of 2020 caused by the pandemic (Corona virus), there was a lot of fear, worry, anger and frustrations. This was mostly because people didn’t understand the implications of the lockdown or the consequences of allowing the virus continue to spread.

“There was a lot of resentment from people for the government, scientists or philanthropists sponsoring the research for a solution to the pandemic, and also approving of the lockdown to slow the spread of the virus. A disease of this scale was new to this generation, and all the anxiety was understandable. However, despite the fact that it was novel, I felt there was a lot of “lack of love” from people due to impact of lockdown and stay at home. There was a lot of negative news and bad influence on social media, and I felt we need to promote love and teach it more than ever before. This too shall pass so we need to calm down, trust and love more. The song started to build up in my mind.

“Well, due to the lockdown up to the end of 2021, I wasn’t able to go to a recording studio. With the ease of lockdown, I got busy with research and routines as a doctor. But early this year 2022, I decided to find the time and share my message to the world.

“I love this song because it is a bit unconventional, it reminds us that we are imperfect, and only God is perfect, therefore see others as humans that can make mistakes. The lyrics are powerful, thought provoking and inspirational. It preaches love, peace, tolerance and tenderness. This is what we need in the word today. Love (God and your neighbour) is the greatest commandment according to Matthew 22:36-40. Be human and let love lead.”

The song was produced by Sunny Pee.




Written By Ama Shallangwa

I was born to be human,
But as humans, we gotta learn to love one another.
But as humans, we gotta learn to put ourselves under (like he did).
‘cause he first loved! Just love, and you will be loved.
When you love your neighbour, when you love your friends, when you love everyone,
they see, they feel, they learn from you and the love just goes round,
Then, we’ll all have a happier, a happy place to live in peace.
Yeah, this is my message to you.
We were born to be human

But as humans, we can make mistakes
But our mistakes should make others learn
So that the whole world will be a better place.
A better place to live in peace,
So let us love one another
With a little bit of love and kindness and peace and tenderness (it goes a long way yeah)
So that we’ll all have a happier, a happy place to live in peace.
Yeah, this is my message to you, yeah.

And as humans, we can fall ‘cause we were born humans.
Born human, born human.
We are fallible, only God is infallible (Born human)
We are imperfect, only God is the perfect one (born human)
God is unchangeable (But God is unchangeable)
He is unchangeable, unchangeable.
We can make mistakes, but God is (but God is unchangeable)
We are fallible, but God is (but God is unchangeable)
Yeah, we are humans, and we can make mistakes, buts lets learn to live in tolerance, and
love your neighbour.
This is my message to you!


Twitter: @AmaZirra

Instagram: @AmaShallangwa

Facebook: Ama Shallangwa


Posted March 25, 2022




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