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Music: Joke Akande – My Child (Wa Dogun)

Joke Akande, a gospel music pastor, has released “My Child (Wa Dogun),” her prophetic third track for the year 2022.

The soulful music is a prophetic plea for children everywhere, both born and unborn, transmitted via rhythm. It’s particularly appropriate for the season, given that Nigerian Children’s Day (May 27th) is approaching.

Joke Akande, a lucky mother and wife, said the journey that gave birth to the song began roughly ten years ago, but it was only last year that it climaxed into its complete interpretation.

“I was inspired to chronicle my experience as a first-time mother when I became a first-time mother – the wonderful moments and all my feelings as a mother,” Joke Akande said.

“I have a passion for children and

good education later inspired me to start a school. During this period, God gave me a word, which is found in Isaiah 60:22. Ever since, I have run with this word; in fact, it has morphed to be a prophecy over every child that is enrolled in the school.

“God blessed my family with another baby a few years later.” I heeded the Lord’s command to record and vowed to journal faithfully this time, having had 10 years to reflect on what I could have done differently the first and second times.

“I had just completed having a wonderful time in prayer when this chorus rose up within me and I began to sing: ‘Waa dogun, waa dogbon…’ and, of course, it ended with the word I had been prophesying over all the children in my care: ‘a small one shall become a thousand.’

“The song’s lines were then inspired by my journal.”

“After that, I had to respond to the question, ‘What would you say to your older children?’

“‘These folks,’ I said

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have been praying for? Iyen easy..’ And the song “My Child” came together. Then God said to me, “Go ahead and be a blessing with this song.”

“Undoubtedly, “My child” is that song you will love. Asides the fact that it is great music, the song takes you through a mother’s journey & gives you a parent’s declaration.

“I see this song as a means to readily prophesy the word over our precious children born and yet to be born.

“My Child” by Joke Akande was produced by Wilson Joel (Music Magnate) and is complemented with a music video shot in Canada by Ken Ogbo, a Hollywood video and FX Director who has worked on movies, like Black Panther, Game of Thrones and Justice League.



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