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[Music + Video] Oyindamola omoba ologo – White dove

Oyindamola omoba ologo Ara, a Nigerian gospel musician, has released a new tune titled “white dove.”

Oyin has shared the stage with several of the country’s gospel performers. She began singing at the age of seven and began professionally nine years ago, with two albums and two singles to her credit. She was born in ikare Akoko, Ondo State.

Aduloju’s first kid, Oyinda, was born on December 14th, 1987, and was the first of four children. She is a National Open University graduate.

“The white dove is a supernatural and spiritual song reviewed from the throne of the spirit to redeem and revitalize lives,” oyindamola said of the song.

It is a peace song that defines

the essence of God’s presence in our lives.

This is a song of purity, biblically white Express purity while dove is a symbol of the holy spirit. the holy spirit is pure and brings purity to our lives when you allow him to reign over you.

Dove represents the holy spirit that also indwells every believer after they have repented and trusted in Christ.

Make your ways pure for the Holy Spirit to reign over you to make your paths smooth and not slippery.

May the Lord continually reign in our lives. Amen



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