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[Music + Video] Mo Yin O Lo Go – Adenike David

Adenike David, a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, recently released a brand-new music video titled “Mo Yin O Lo Go.”

The song “expresses our thanks to God for the Salvation of our soul,” according to the singer. Even in the face of difficulties or when facing an untimely death, Jesus, who is the cornerstone of our salvation, has the power to undo the irreversible. Because Jesus is the one name that can save, we must stand up and give Him credit.

The song “Mo Yin O Lo Go” also highlights the fact that God, who is referred to as “The Rock of our Salvation,” is the source of all human life (1 Corinthians 10:4). It also serves as a reminder of the numerous miracles that Our Lord Jesus did as recorded in (John

Jesus revived Lazarus from the grave in John 11:32-4.

The song “Mo Yin O Lo Go” serves as a reminder to offer Him all the “Praise” that He is due.

Adenike David is a talented gospel singer and songwriter from Nigeria who is renowned for her alluring voice. She is regarded as one of the world’s most elegant gospel performers.

Her music has a blend of Afro-Traditional music with an urban contemporary vibe. Additionally, her music has been praised for being pure, uplifting, fresh, and forceful.

Adenike David has a pleasant, crystal-clear voice that is incredibly memorable. The singer wants to connect with Christians everywhere and explain what the love of Christ means to them.


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