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Tolu Adeosun, better known as Mama Tee, is an international songwriter and head of a record label. She has linked up once more with powerful vocalist Efe Rume and award-winning music director Emmanuel Awipi to release the live version of her blockbuster song “Nothing is Impossible.”

Shortly after Tolu experienced rebirth while visiting Austria, he wrote the song. For a conference that her church was hosting, she was requested to provide musical ministry. The song was inspired by the conference topic “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” from Genesis 18:14, a statement made to Sarah by God when she was informed that she would give birth to a son in less than nine months in her old age.

age. They had uttered the seemingly unattainable, and the promises God had spoken to them were about to come to pass. Abraham had been informed he would be the father of many countries because Sarah and him had been promised a child for such a long time. Despite Sarah’s laughter, she was still able to conceive Isaac through faith, and Abraham is now regarded as the patriarch of many different peoples.

This song is about having trust in God, believing that what He has stated to you will happen, and holding on to His promises for your life. Realizing that God is not human, therefore he cannot lie, nor is he human, so he cannot alter his mind. Does he speak, then do nothing? Promises he makes

and not carry out? (Numbers 23:19). His spoken words are never lost on Him! The song is originally from Mama Tee’s debut album, “Nothing is Impossible,” which was released in 2021. The seven-track album, which is soul-stirring, expresses the diversity and originality of Mama Tee’s songwriting prowess and the in-depth production skill of Awipi as the sound on the album cuts across several genres and styles, including Rock, hip hop/RnB, afro gospel, and the contemporary

Pastor Emmanuel Awipi, commonly known as Grandpa, a Nigerian pastor and worshipper, served as the album’s main collaborator and appeared on each of the 31 tracks. Along with Jojovocals, Eben Keys, and Rume, who participated on four of the album’s tracks in addition to Awipi

Blossom, Dayne Kora, and Se.

The project gave birth to multiple encounters with the Holy Spirit, which are primarily expressed in the words of each song on the CD. Nothing Is Impossible is a body of work that has evolved to provide the decaying world hope, transformation, and change.





Mama Tee is the CEO of newly formed Christian record label Obedient is Better Than Sacrifice Entertainment Incorporated (OIBTSENTINC) based in Canada.


Awipi- keyboard

Ayopheelz – Drummer

Nwaka Emmanuel (Bassmanuel) – Bassist

KADRE INTEGRATED SERVICES – lighting Instagram: @Kadreintegratedservices

Mynorkord -Production and guitar and effects

AUDIOFIX – Live sound

Media Jinu – Video Production

Connect with Mama Tee

Instagram @oibtsentinc

Twitter: @tolu_adeosun

Clubhouse: @toluadeosun

Youtube: Tolu A – Mama Tee


Connect with Rume

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/efe_rume/

After Mama Tee and Awipi felt that was the direction God intended them to go with their music ministry, they decided to record the concert live

Rume Efeurhobo sings lead once more, with Emem Nwabudike, Abigail Aigbovbiose, and Atakpu Blossom providing backing vocals.



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