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EeZee Conceptz Unveils 12-Year-Old Act Great Daniel In Celebration Of 12 Years Anniversary – Listen To “When Men See Me”

Today, July 1, 2022, the leading gospel record label in Nigeria, EeZee Conceptz Global, is commemorating its 12th year in business.

The 12-year-old Great Daniel, the newest act from EeZee Conceptz, is being introduced in honor of the company’s 12th anniversary. The audio and video for his debut single, “When Men See Me,” are being released to coincide with the reveal.

The company, which was originally focused on managing the careers of prominent gospel musicians and entertainment figures, has since developed into a full-fledged gospel record label.

Without the influence of EeZee Conceptz Global, the careers of quite a few of the new breeds of Gospel music sensations cannot be traced. The ripple effect of this influence has generously increased throughout the Mindustry.

a significant benefit to the ecology.

Along with offering services including advice, management, audio-visual recording studios, and more, the Music Business Seminars (MBS) have disseminated a wealth of knowledge that has enabled more stakeholders in the business, increasing its global reach in a field where specialists are scarce.

To the glory of God, EeZee Conceptz Global, an organization whose mission is to reunite men with God through music, media, and entertainment, has created a platform that blesses people’s souls with spiritually uplifting music and serves as a platform for the promotion of gifted inspirational music ministers. overcoming the disparity between minstrels, the populace, and the church.

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heed the warning, minister. Great Daniel was born to a great and devoted Christian family in the state of Akwa Ibom. He is blessed with a powerful, soulful voice that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will announce the sound of revival. His Spirit-inspired songs are presented in a unique way that will appeal to a wide worldwide audience and encourage you to stand firmly in Christ Jesus.

We believe that God is about to raise a new generation of worship leaders to bring their people to a knowledge and fear of God in this season. – EeZee Conceptz International.

Distinguished members, Please accept the ministry of Minister Great Daniel, brothers and sisters, parents and children!

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