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[FELY BAND2022] Moment as Rev. Matthew Hamman encountered the host of Angels (Exclusive Photos)

[FELY BAND2022] Moment as Rev. Matthew Hamman encountered the host of Angels (Exclusive Photos)
[FELY BAND2022] Moment as Rev. Matthew Hamman encountered the host of Angels (Exclusive Photos)
Many Gospel preachers from within and outside the state are in attendance at the Fellowship of Lutheran Youth Band’s (FELY BAND2022) annual music concert and seminar, which is currently taking place at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Malamre, Jimeta-Yola town.

The Bishop of Yola Diocese, Most Rev. Theophilus Shedrach, has graced the national music concert.
The host pastor Rev. Matthew Mamman welcomed the attendees and shared his encounter with the holy ghost in the same church where he is serving as the lead pastor.
telling the congregation how God opened his eyes during a church service, allowing him to see a swarm of angels encircling the congregation.

All attendees are urged by the Rev. Matthew Mamman to pay attention and serve God in spirit and in truth.
Following the introductory remarks, the music director of the Fely band Bro. Elisha Gabriel addressed the members of the Fellowship of Lutheran Youth Band (FELY Band), praising the chairman of the Lutheran sub-group organization, music titan and coach, Rev. E.C. Voma. The director of the Fely band observed a one-minute moment of silence in memory of the band members and other godly pastors who sacrificed their lives while serving their communities.

In addition to urging people to register to vote (PVC) in advance of the 2023 General Election, acting national President of the Lutheran Youth Fellowship Bro. Joseph D. Wuramas emphasized the need for Lutheran music and worship to be improved. He also said that youths shouldn’t allow politicians to use them as political thugs in the upcoming election.

The FELY band will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, according to Rev. E.C. Voma, who offered a brief history of the origins of the annual national music concert of the Lutheran Youth Band.

Theophilus Shedrach, the bishop of Yola Diocese, urged the artists to serve God wholeheartedly without distraction and without paying attention to the praise (awards) that men will bestow, as is typically done in the realm of the secular (Music).
congratulation and advice to musicians to compose music in their native dialects in order to blend in with the community (rural communities).
In addition to the acting president’s remarks, the bishop urged everyone present to register to vote and use social media to spread political knowledge. He also urge and pray for the youths to be a blessing to their family and general public at large.

Below are some exclusive pictures from the ongoing FELY BAND Annual music concert and seminar.

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