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Chi Sonia Ige, a minister of gospel music, has just released the song “Oghene Doh.”

Sonia Chinenye Ige, also referred to as Chisonia Ige, is a gifted, passionate, and anointed leader of praise and worship. She is also a dynamic performer and recording artist who spreads the sound of the kingdom.

She has served as a minister in several worship and praise programs both inside and outside of her community. She is the president of Chi Sonia Ige & His Presence Crew. Together with the crew, she is the host and pilot of the fantastic annual worship celebration known as “Festival of Praise.”

“Oghene Doh,” her most recent single, is a hymn of appreciation and thanksgiving. accessible through all digital channels.

Take a listen below;

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Doh Oghene doh

Oghene doh..


Awemayeun, Eledumare..

Oghene doh, Oghene doh…

Yeah, yeah

For the life that you gave me yeahh.

I’m grateful Jesus…

Verse 1

If you have not been by my side

What would have become of me..

Oh God, you’ve never left me for once…

If you have not been by my side,

What would have become of me.

Oh God, you are the source of my strength…


Awemayeun, Eledumare.

Oghene doh, Oghene doh.

Awemayeun, Eledumare

Oghene doh, Oghene doh..

Repeat verse 1

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

No one like you

In all the earth..

You made the blind to see..

You are God, you’re not a man…

No one like you

In all the earth

You’re the God of everything.

You are God, you’re not a man…

Repeat Chorus..

Kiri doh doh doh 4x

Miyeruwe doh Oghene doh doh doh Oghene doh….

Thank you Jesus!

Connect with Chi Sonia

Twitter: @chisonia_ige

Instagram: chisoniaige

Facebook: Chi Sonia Ige

YouTube: Chisonia Ige

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