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Emmasings, an upbeat leader of praise and worship, introduces the second part of the year with the high praise song “Jesus Power,” a Tklex production.

The contagious music portrays the power that is contained in the name of Jesus through catchy melodies.

Jesus’s superpower will let you to get your worship on in the hook.

With a variety of sounds, Emmasings serves as the primary artist for Hallel Music and continues to be a major blessing to the body of Christ.

Emmasings is a music evangelist who travels with a burning desire to spread the joy of the Lord. Emmasings is a firm believer in the fact that God’s Presence follows Him everywhere.

Emmasings is a composer of music.

You can’t help but feel good when you listen to this song, “Jesus Power.” It’s


Music produced by Tklex

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JESUS POWER lyrics :

I am born of God oo
I am loving the life oo
Situations bow before me
I’m unstoppable unstoppable
And I carry anointing
So much favour all around me
I’m a Holyghost Bazooka
Because I have got the power

Jesus Power
Jesus Super Power

Power to heal the sick —Power
Power to raise the dead — Power
Power to bring things back to life – I’ve got it I’ve got it
Power to stand out  – Power
Power to cast out demons – Power
Power to live in abundance – I live in it I work in it

Jesus Power
Jesus Super Power

Bridge :

Jesus Power Jesus
Power pass power oo
Jesus Power Jesus
Power pass power ehh
Jesus Power Jesus
Power pass power
Power pass power

Jesus Power Jesus
Jesus Power Jesus

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