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[Video] Oluwa – Eric Reverence

On his new single, “Oluwa,” internationally renowned worship leader Eric Reverence gets in touch with his West African roots.

Even though the title is only one word, it says a lot. The Afrobeat Gospel song “Oluwa” (the Yoruba word for God) was written to ring in the year 2022 with a spirit of gratitude and hope.

In November 2021, Eric was on a successful tour in Nigeria when he composed and recorded the song.

Eric’s journey signifies a kind of homecoming with the creation of “Oluwa.” Eric, a Canadian-born citizen who later emigrated to the UK in 1992, was born in Ghana, although he had troubled memories of his early years there.

“Life in Ghana was quite difficult because my lecturers and head teacher would constantly tell me that I was worthless and useless,” he remembers. Eric’s work as a gospel musician and worship leader has led him from the UK to the USA, Ghana, the Netherlands, and Latvia, but it has always had a more western pop vibe.

George Floyd was killed shortly after Covid-19 struck in 2020. Eric decided it was time to go back to his African roots, at least musically, after both of those occurrences. After visiting Nigeria, the idea for “Oluwa” emerged. The song, which Tobass Adolphus produced, blends the sounds of different Nigerian and Ghanaian tribes.

The accompanying video, which was produced by the Nigerian production group Justice DH, has spectacular choreography and beautifully captures the excitement and energy of the song.

Austine Holy, the director of creative films.

God has been our strength over the past year, adds Eric. “‘Oluwa’ is a song of appreciation to God for all he has done for us and of expectation for what he has in store for us next,” says the song’s author.

Check Out The Video Below;

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