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Abba Yola declares for NFF President, vows to enhance fortunes of Nigerian football

Abba Abdullahi Yola, has formally declared his intention to run for the office of the President of the Nigerian Football Federation, NFF.

On the occasion of his official declaration to contest for the office of the president of the NFF, held on Wednesday in Abuja, Abba Yola declared that he would change and enhance the fortunes of Nigerian football in two years if given the opportunity to lead the organization.

“Nigerian football is fortunate to have in the last three or two years two comprehensive documents that could serve as a solution to our football problems.

“If really we want to move ahead, we should look at them strictly and see what are the take-aways from these reports and go on with them.

“I ask for two years and I will change and enhance the fortunes of Nigerian football, to occupy the foremost position, that will be the pride of every Nigerian football fans.

“And if for any reason I do not do that I will move a motion to pass a vote of ‘no confidence’ on the president and that is myself.

Abba Yola pointed out that the challenges facing the development of Nigerian football basically revolve around non-recognition of the provisions of Article 42 to Article 60.

According to him, the article talks about 18 standing committees, which according to him include, finance committee, technical and development committee, youth football committee, legal committee, womens’ football committee, security committee, media, and marketing, committees, among others.

He promised that in his first six months in office, he would ensure the review of the status that established these committees, and strictly follow what the status provided for, especially in terms of composition.

Abba Yola appealed to all stakeholders to elect the best to lead the Nigerian Football Federation, adding that his desire to ensure that Nigerian football is placed at per with other nations.



He acknowledged that the Nigerian football has gone through turbulent times, he therefore appealed that stakeholders should not dwell on the sad past but rather bring back the take-aways from the good times.

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