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Peter Obi Support Network paid a visit to Adamawa LP Gov. flag bearer Otumba

Visitation to Alh. Mustapha AKA OTUMBA of Ekiti on September 5, 2022, by a delegation from the POSN ADAMAWA State Chapter *

The members and local government coordinators of the Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) paid Alh. Umar Mustapha, also known as Otumba of Ekiti, the governorship candidate of the Adamawa State Labour Party, an homage and familiarization visit in the late hours of Monday, September 5, 2022.

The LGA Coordinator of Shalleng Christian led the opening prayers, and the Coordinator of Yola South led the Muslim prayer.
According to Mr. Prince Pascal, the POSN state coordinator for Adamawa, the State Coordinator began by thanking the Governortorial candidate for his patience and time spent listening to POSN Adamawa State Chapter.

The purpose of the tour was primarily to get to know the aspirants as they each introduced themselves and the local government district they are running for.
Following the introductions, the state coordinator discussed the purpose and goals of POSN and the need for everyone to work together because the state is fortunate to have a qualified governorship candidate.

Alh Mustapha A.K.A Otumba of Ekiti welcomed, accepted, and responded to the POSN Adamawa state members, thanking God for their visit and emphasizing the necessity of cooperation in order to produce enough senators, representatives, and members for the Labor Party to ensure smooth governance and the swift passage of legislation. This is necessary for all three branches of government to function efficiently.

and the State Governor is the only connection that is direct to Peter Obi.
He gave the example of how, during the Corona pandemic, the Federal Government sent aid to Adamawa State in the form of relief supplies, but they were kept for their own political campaigns in 2023, by which time most of those supplies would have expired. He used the example of how, during the APC states’ distribution of relief supplies in Borno, Yobe, and Gombe, PDP states withheld those supplies from the general public.

Alh. Umar Mustapha (Otumba) also spoke about housing in the state, highlighting the need to build affordable housing that will serve as IGR and that the government should improve the housing situation in the state.

He said Statutory grants and loans from external bodies are no longer available due to the current administration’s debt repayment efforts.

In addition to that, he continued by stating that the only way out was to attract investors to the state in order to strengthen our economy and create employment and IGR, and that all NGOs would not be left out.
Alh. Umar Mustapha Otumba expressed appreciation for the POSN’s visit, gave them his support, and urged them to work hard to improve governance for the people of Adamawa state and all of Nigeria.

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