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[DOWNLOAD] Sound The Alarm a Koinonia sermon on 7th January 2023 by Apostle Joshua Selman

We brought to you Koinonia Teaching series for 7th January 2023 by Apostle Joshua Selman Today, many misconceptions are spreading across our communities, and if Christianity is to endure forever, we must make sure we address them. There are a lot of churchgoers who are completely dependent on their pastors and are unable to function without him or her because the pastor has seduced them into never seeking God but always hearing from him. They are not taught how to hear from God again. They must go to the man of God if they want to embark on a voyage; if he is not present, the trip is canceled.

Many so-called men of God will approach the student and begin urging them to use this material for deliverance and this water for healing, but you must pay a specific price.

to acquire this, The fact that so many believers worldwide do not even understand basic… You must pay close attention to this insightful instruction!


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