DOWNLOAD:-Martino Elcasino - Aboki On The Mic (Ooouuu Cover)

Dan Maman Patience is back with the most recent edition of his lyrical exercises even though we’re not sure if it’s part of his official project. Since he dropped a cover for Desiigner’s Panda, he came back to his roots, Yola so he can tap inspirations from the source before dropping his much anticipated ABOKI’S LYRICAL EXERCISE project. This is something he just recorded immediately after falling in love with Young M.A’s Ooouuu instrumental and he feels like sharing it with lovers of his arts. Slamming this jam will give a better explanation MarTino Elcasino has been in various studios in his hometown, Yola recording lots of materials so he can join the current hip-hop crusade going on in the northern part of the country. His lyrical exercise comprises from what we’ve heard so far (behind closed doors) comprises of songs expressing his inner feelings in different ways but this very song is a bit different. Tino went a bit raw here because its freestyle and he wanted no restrictions as it seems. Through his Educated Hausa Boy (Blood, Brains) Gang movement, he intends to pass his message across the country and the world with the sole aim of preaching the importance of education to youths (especially) in Northern Nigeria and to help those who can’t afford in the near future. Holla at DMP Facebook: Martino Elcasino Simon Twitter: @Tino_elcasino IG: Martinoelcasino

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