34-year-old Laspotech student kills himself using sniper after girlfriend of 9 years jilted him

A Nigerian man, KingEzekiel Joseph Mayowa, who was a part-time student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu Campus, department of hospitality management technology (HMT), died after using the now popular sniper, an insecticide, to end his life. Mayowa drank the sniper in a live Facebook video just because his girlfriend of nine years left him over multiple relationship crisis. According to him in the live video, his girlfriend became a stranger to him after she went for her one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. He alleged that since his girlfriend got to the NYSC camp, her attitudes changed towards him. Mayowa claimed that despite the fact that he tried his best, his girlfriend seem to want someone else who is financially buoyant. The lover boy claimed he dated his girlfriend for nine years, three months and nine days. Mayowa who was the president of HMT students of Laspotech begged the Nigerian government to scrap NYSC as it was a result of it he lost his girlfriend. He also agreed that he offended the lady three years ago but she used as an excuse to leave him now 

Also in the video, Mayowa also advised young men out there to make money before approaching a woman for a relationship. He appealed to his mum not to mourn him as he has chosen his own path. He ended the video telling his girlfriend that since she left him he is empty. One of Mayowa's friends Lateefah Oluwatoyin Sanni shared the news of his death on her Facebook page.

Lateefah Oluwatoyin Sanni
22 hours ago
Mayowa why why why 😭😭😭
Why did you have to do this to us, why did you have to take the life you never created yourself, 
Just because of a girlfriend of 9years break up.
How i wish i knew last Sunday is the last day I'll see you, I'll have say a lot of things to you. 
Mayowa why why did you have to break thousands of people's heart today,
A lot of beautiful girls will step on your grave and walks away, why 😭😭😭😭
#laspotech student
#Hotsmatsa president
#brilliant student with very good grades
#nice guy with a good job, what else do you want from God,
RIP MAYOR i will miss you till we meet to part no more.

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