'No one is an island, Taraba Blogger Jeremy spell calls for unity in the entertainment industry'

'No one is an island' that is what our
lecturer said and it remain in my head like
the normal A,B,C,D. In as much as an artiste
needs a blogger, a blogger also needs an
artiste it is a bilateral relationship but am
surprise on how some people take theirs,
human beings are different you can't force
someone to like you or to accept your own
part of view. Few months ago i talked to few
notable and respected entertainers in this
state (Taraba State) about concentrating my
attention on few states that i knew are
promising and engaging let me say
'Motivating' but the replies i got by them still
rings in my ear. I won't call it hustle, it is
relationship what we all determine today
may affect us tomorrow.
I feel sad anytime i hype (not blogging) an
entertainer and he looks down at me, i don't
hype you because i want you to pay me, i
hype because maybe someone needs
someone like you, it is business, i advertise
you, the buyer come for you, i promote you,
you get recognise and same to me too. One
thing i always caution myself against is to be
jealous of someone's achievement, it takes
time for a lad to be call a man.
Artiste are not the only entertainers we've
got in this state nor a blogger, there are
many intellectual and creativity embodied in
this state that are yet to be recognised!
What can we say about Pencil artist? Writers,
Models, Digital painters (Cartoonist) are they
not worthy to be recognised? Ain't they
recognised? A single drawing by an artist in
kaduna have created a standard for that
state! Not only to the state but to Nigeria at
large, everyday i watch how the entertainers
ranging from bloggers, artiste and lot of
them hype this guy, what probe them? He's
one of them, they are proud he's coming
from their state representing them
And that is my prayer for each and every
entertainer in this state, if only we stop fake
public love, respect each other, remove
familiarity before we can move to another
stage, if not we'll remain stagnant!
Finally, I will hype anyone who's ready to
accept my little help, little by little we'll turn
our river into ocean.
-Jeremiah Genes Ezra
Founder, CEO of Jeremy Spell Blog
Hyper, Blogger, Writer, Online-Motivational

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