DOWNLOAD Audio + Lyrics: Kespan- DA'NAN DIRET (Xpression Album)

Xpression Album has different Genre to express God in different ways and not be limited to a certain style. It came with a movement Team Xpression so as to remind us that God can not be put in a box. Eventually Team Xpression is a glimpse of the Movement Yaran Zaki which officially kick started January 2019.
DA'NAN DIRET  is the Fourth track from the Xpression Album, Download it and keep checking this website as we drop the remaining tracks anytime.



He's been there for us from the beginning
See His love for us freely He's given
The life He gave to us reason we're living
Da'nan all the way, Da'nan all the way

Who wakes you up in the morning (Da'nan)
Who watches over you through the night (Da'nan)
Who sees you through the day (Da'nan)
It's Da'nan all the way

Da'nan diret 6x

He is Holy so pure and true
He will guide us in all we do
When the Journey looks dark and Crue
He has promise to see us through

Who gives you victory (Da'nan)
Who shines His light on you (Da'nan)
Who provides your every need (Da'nan)
It's Da'nan all the way

Da'nan diret

Wan mak nani 3x Da'nan diret

Wan mak nani ki yit funa
Da'nan diret (nyasi)...

Da'nan diret...

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