Great piece Ever as Adamawa Popular blogger and social media activist Tabiyatiya Daniel affirmed his support for Governor Fintiri (See reasons)

I know some people will start complaining about the way and manner I promote Adamawa State Governor Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri even after his victory at the polls and subsequent inauguration into office.
Winning elections doesn’t mean promoting him and his policies is over, in fact it’s just the beginning so as people who are for or against him can see the good things he has been doing.
The thing is that majority of people believed in him, which made them gave him block votes that made him defeat the then incumbent Governor Sen. Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla.
To some of you giving me portfolios such as S.A Media, SSA Media, Youth Governor or even S.A New Media to Governor Fintiri, I appreciate all these portfolios but let me categorically state that I’m not an aide to the Governor, at least not yet.
If you understand what genuine love is then you should know what I feel for the Governor, I have no reason whatsoever not to support him because he is a man of his words who matches words with action.
First and foremost, Governor Fintiri has no Godfather except God, it took him only 3 months to leave a foot print on the hearts of the electorates in his short stint as acting Governor in 2014.
The little he did in 2014 was enough for the masses to vote him massively in the last general election.
Now that he is the Governor, workers welfare, human development, prompt payment of salaries, allowances, pension and leave grants is the talk of the town.
Apart from the payment of the 2 months salary owed by the immediate past administration of Sen. Muhammadu Jibrilla Bindow, for the first time in almost 4 years workers received leave grants.

Do you now know why I choose to stand with Fintiri and to defend his policies or you need more?
It almost escaped my mind, do you know that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, his Deputy Chief Crowther Seth, SSG Engr. Bashir Ahmad, his Chief of Staff Prof. Maxwell Gidado and his DG Media and Communications Solomon Kumangar all forfeited their first month salary so that the money will augment FAAC allocation for salaries of state government workers be cleared? That move alone shows the kind of people we have at the helm of affairs, they go out of their way just to see people happy.
Whenever the Governor speak. You can clearly see the determination, zealousness and sincerity on his face, this is the kind of leaders we need at the moment in our quest in making Adamawa Work Again.
Adamawa State have found a transparent Governor who has a strong leadership personality, also understands the rule of law and is ready to invest heavily in human capital development in order to create job opportunities and also to better the lives of the citizens.
Daniel Tabiyatiya

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