MUSIC Lord Benlee Taking over (Prod. By Gben)

MUSIC: Lord Benlee – Taking Over | @lordbenlee

Lord Benlee is out with another powerful praise ft four music ministers namely Sar Judge, Melody John, Minister Joe and king Joab. The energy and teamwork in this song are amazing.
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Like play like play, Jehovah change my story ohh
And everyday, all I see is glory ohh
January to December, you de on top my matter all around me na testimony
There’s a miracle in my life eh eh
There’s a new song in my heart ahh
All over me your blessings I see
You give your angels charge over me
All I need na im you de give
You no de break my heart ohh
Jehovah overdo, I de tuale for you
We call you talk and do, ekuame
Super power, onyenememma
Nobody like you, Jesus Iyehhhh

Whether them like I’m taking over
All my fears and pains are over
God anoint my head I’m running over
This is my turn I’m taking over
I’m taking over

I’m taking my land I’m taking over my blessing yeah
Everywhere wey I de look oh my God all I see Na your blessing yeah
Blessing shall follow me everywhere I go
Favor shall follow me everywhere I go
Miracle follow me everywhere I go
I’m taking over, I’m taking over, I’m taking over

From behind now I’m number one yeah
I no dey carry last, olorun funmi ni aresisa
Oya kose gbe, this one no be childs play
Emi gba koso, Jehovah Don lift me high ooo
Everywhere I go, I just dey overtake ooo
I’m heavy loaded, carry go pom-pom pom-pom

Verse III
The hand of the Lord is upon me to take back all the enemy’s taken from me
I’m coming for milk, I’m coming for the honey,
Hommie nothing you can do can ever stop me I’m taking over running over enemies be taking cover when I show up the way I be moving they be going crazy I’m like hommie chill I’m only just beginning Ahhh..
I know who I am I’m a noble now
Nobody can intimidate me now
I have been on a low for too long but mehn I’m coming for my level now
You’re either with me or against me,
But greater is he who is in me
Toh birkimma ya tsinke in Ka saya a hanya na kasani Za ni buge ahh

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