Sen Abbo Arranges Immediate Evacuation of Adamawa Student from University of Wukari, After Closure

Written By: Nathan Numus Usman, Yola
Edited by: Gazette Staff 

Following the Jukun and Tiv Crisis in Wukari which led to the immediate suspension of academic activities, and the closure of the Federal University Wukari.

Most Popular Nigerian Senator, Ishaku Abbo who is well known as SIA, representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone, was said to have arranged for an immediate evacuation of Adamawa State Students studying at the University.

According to Juliana Joseph; an eye witness, Senator arranged for Six (6) Buses to convey the students to Adamawa, and also communicated with the State Commissioner of Police, Alkasim Sanusi, to provide adequate security.

Juliana said the commissioner sent two Hilux Squad of fully Armed Security Personnel to secure the convoy, and ensure that the students arrive their respective homes.

On arrival of the students in Yola on Thursday at around 10:45 PM, the President of the Adamawa State Student Union, Taraba Chapter, Comrade Abednego Abel reached out for more support from Sen Abbo, because, according to him, two additional buses were added to the six buses as the initial was not enough, and was promised to be paid on arrival by a politician who claimed to be a staff of the Adamawa State Government House.

Senator Ishaku Abbo after being notified of how the students were stranded in front of the government house in Yola, Showed up in person and welcomed the students where he had a face to face interaction with them, and also gave room to voice out their minds, giving ears of hearing to them.

The Senator also took his time to encourage them to always do good and have this great Nation and its citizens (most especially the less privileged ones) at heart.

He further used his personal life as an example of God's grace to encourage the students on hope and believe for a better tomorrow.

The Senator paid the balance for the extra two buses and gave out some amounts of money to the entire body of the students to assist them to reach their final destinations from Yola, the capital City.

The President of the Adamawa student government in Federal University Wukari thanked the Senator on behalf of the students, for his kind gesture towards them.

It's really a good time to remember as the Senator took some times to snap selfies with the students.

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