EXCLUSIVE: Artist interview featuring S.B MAKOLO

EXCLUSIVE: Artist interview featuring S.B MAKOLO
Hello good day and welcome to another episodes of Artist interview here in Nathmediablog, today with us in the studio we have: SB. MAKOLO.

 Djirokin: Lets get to meet you?

SB Makolo: My name is Elisha Zakka. My nick name Is S.B_Makolo. I'm rapper under ghetto nation, I was born in Yola south Adamawa state Nigeria.

 Djirokin: Can you tell us the story behind The name S.B Makolo

SB Makolo: : S.B is an acronym Stand for senior brother. Because I'm the first child of my family. An Makolo means someone who is genius in every thing. Jack of all trades 😃😃

Djirokin: Wow thats nice

Djirokin: how do you get influence by the music industry in your early life?

SB Makolo:  Well I'm big fan of Hip Hop. I grow up in the family that loves music. My mom favorite is Brandy. An my aunty always play RAP music. 2pac, Nas, Rakim. Jarul an lot more, that is why back in 90s. An amazing part of it I learn most through music

SB Makolo: Funny though

 Djirokin: Smiles.

SB Makolo:  😃😃

Djirokin: Who inspires u  to be part of the music industry?

SB Makolo:  Nas. He is my mentor I look up to him. This nigga is genius when it came to RAP

SB Mokolo: He got bar's dope story lines. I listen to nas music more than anything else.

 Djirokin: Awesome.

 SB Mokolo: Yeah

 Djirokin: What do you enjoy most being a musician?

 SB Mokolo: I enjoy talking to people about the art. Like this interview is dream come true. It's awesome to be recognize.

 Djirokin: What is the biggest problem you have encountered in this journey of MUSIQ?

 SB Mokolo: Many but I don't see it as problems. To be successful in life you have to pass through obstacles, at first people will laugh at you. Some will mock you. Thinking you're just wasting time. Someone told me that music will never paid in Yola. I should find something else. But I stake with my dream.
It keeps me awake when some are snoring at night, I enjoyed doing it.

 Djirokin: Great.

EXCLUSIVE: Artist interview featuring S.B MAKOLO

SB Mokolo: I didn't release the best yet. But I have hit track like Sunsara & Labata .i do it with my label Mate Sacha gramy. He is super talented. He is the one with the ideas he told me let do something for street. Like Afro hip hop, I want you to RAP on it.

 SB Mokolo: And we are working on EP Now soon will be out it gonna be hot. Believe me 😃😃😃

 Djirokin: Wow

 Djirokin: Are you planning to collaborate with any other artist?

 SB Mokolo: Yes. We are planning to do something with Dozo friend of my from jos. We meet up in school futy. He is talented and he is my coach 😃

 Djirokin: Will be anticipating.

 SB Mokolo: Yes

 Djirokin: One thing you want to change in the music industry?

 SB Mokolo: Truth is Music Industry in Northern Nigeria have left behind. If you're not that popular even the producers will not pay attention to you, our producers have problem. Like they don't see under ground artist like somebody.

SB Mokolo: And most of the artists lack respect.

Djirokin: If it wasn't music carrier, what would you be doing right now?

 SB Mokolo: Painting and drawing. I got skills there to.

SB Mokolo: I love art.

 Djirokin: Lastly, what is your message for the fans out there?

SB Makolo: I want to thank you first of all for giving me this opportunity that you give me to talk about my art. An to my Brother from another mother Sacha_Gramy and my manager S.Don for being there for me. An to all my fans I appreciate the love. Because word can't express my feelings. Thank you all for believing in me. We have something Big coming on the way. Stay tuned for more.

Djirokin: Thank you.

 Djirokin: Is a privilege to have you here discussing with us.

 Djirokin: Wish you best of luck

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