Kaura boys


The attention of Kamkam Solidarity Movement (KSM) have been drawn to the online publication of Taraba Truth and Fact Publishers published on 11th September, 2019 Title: ”HOW MBONDUA KAMKAM TERRORIZES RESIDENCE” with the following rider:

Ordered the beating of widow, children
Group urges Governor Ishaku to depose him

In the said publication, the publishers pointed out that one Mohammed Aliyu Petitioned His Excellency the Executive Governor of Taraba State His Excellency Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku to depose Mbondua Kamkam HRH Alh. Usman Samari Kakara for what he described as human right abuse and abuse of office. That failure to depose Mbondua Kamkam it will be grave danger to the community. He went further to mention three (3) names of person and some youth he alleges their rights were violated and other incidents that happened. And he calls it the abuse of human right of the entire residences of Kamkam Chiefdom. They are as follows:

A. That Mbondua Kamkam, Dahiru Ismail and some youth (who he did not mention their names nor identity ) attack Jauro Bala and his people
B. That Mbondua Kamkam ordered the beating of Amina Njidda and her Children by one Yuguda Buba vigilante attached to the palace
C. That Mbondua Kamkam, Ibrahim Sambo and Silas file criminal charges against Amina Njidda and her children before upper area Court 2 Gembu.
The above mentioned are the allegation level against his Majesty Mbondua Kamkam and demanding that he be depose.

We did not see nor read the said copy of the petition mention in the publication, our concern is to respond to the issues raise in the said publication.
Ordinarily we will not have bothered responding or joining issue(s) with the author and their sponsors but to put our record straight we find it expedient to respond to those issues as numerated above.
The author and his sponsors are members of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kakara ward. Just like his sponsors, they jointly campaigned vigorously against the incumbent governor of Taraba state and his party never to returns to power. So that Mbondua Kamkam be dethrone and their sponsors to replace him and now the election is over the Governor and his party was return to power overwhelmingly by majority of lawful vote cast  at the 2019 election  by Tarabans. Having failed on their tactics they resort to these malicious publications.

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Mohammed Aliyu is known to us as the son of late Aliyu Tractor, a tractor driver employ by Mambilla Beverages Co. Ltd (that was his lifetime career). Mohammed joins his father as a labourer in the same company until he was deceived by his sponsors to come and contest councillorship position under APC in 2016 and woefully failed. Since then he is just vagabond in town. You know what that means am sure with #5000 he can sign his death warrant not minding the consequences of his action.

Item numbered A above mentioning that HRH Mbondua Kamkam, Dahiru Ismail and some youth (who he did not mention their name nor identity) attack Jauro Bala and his people; the question here is that who are these people that were attacked and where? And now you can understand the sponsors by mere mentioning Jauro Bala and his people. If there is anyone who can sponsor the writer is nobody but the so called Jauro Bala. Who by his action, utterances has demonstrated his desperation of wanting to become Mbondua Kamkam, particularly during 2019 electioneering campaign. He had never hid that, all the resident of Kakara knows that. Not surprising the prayers in that publication.

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Jauro Bala is Bala Kaigama, an uncle to HRH Mbondua Kamkam and Father to Bobboi Bala Kaigama who was the immediate past TUC chairman and was amongst aspirants who vie for the last APC Gubernatorial primary ticket in Taraba State in 2019. He was also the DG campaign organization of APC candidate Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi in 2019 General election. Bala Kaigama was a member of People’s Democratic Party PDP until the state government crown HRH  as Mbondua Kamkam he then defected to APC in protest thus he has been challenging HRH Mbondua Kamkam and to make sure he never succeed.

Bala Kaigama was Jauro of kakara during GNPP in the 3rd republic for two years. Jauro Yahya Garba has been Jauro since then for more than 30years ago. HRH Mbondua Kamkam was crowned Mbondua since July 2018 until today Bala Kaigama and Bobboi Bala Kaigama are the only people in the entire Kamkam Chiefdom who refused to pay allegiance to Mbondua and Kamkam Traditional council. Instead, he made several attempt to see the downfall of HRH Mbondua Kamkam, Kamkam Traditional Council and who openly support him but all failed and the present one will equally going to fail. Bala Kaigama openly told his supporters that if APC take over Taraba State he is going to be crown Mbondua Kamkam and already he had appointed his secretary, District head etc and that his son will be minister in President Buhari’s new cabinet. And if he becomes Minister all the District Head will be given cars. Since that did not happen, he resorts to blackmail and this publication.

Bala Kaigama and Kaura boys attack several people within and outside Kakara. It was on record Ibrahim Sambo was inside his house one evening when Bala Kaigama with wife (Hajiya Dudu), Baba Ndotti (who was promised Secretary) and Kaura boys who are holding dangerous weapons attack his house in the process damaged his zinc, the case is still pending at chief magistrate court Gembu. And his only crime is that he is the Secretary to the Kamkam Traditional Council.


It is on record that Bala Kaigama threatens to kill Dahiru Ismail by giving him 4 months 10 days ultimatum within which to avoid any good relationship with Mbondua Kamkam and failure to do that he is going to fulfill his promise. Similarly Bala Kaigama sent Kaura Boys to attack Dahiru Ismail in his house at Tea Estate; it took the intervention of the Nigerian Army officers who are station at the company’s gate to repel the attack.

 Bobboi Bala Kaigama in his effort helping his Father to fight Mbondua Kamkam and Kamkam Traditional Council form a group known as KAURA GROUP of more than 20 youth in Kakara they are Mahmudu Ibrahim Tractor, Nuhu Hamman, Sule Njidda, Sule Musa, Abdullahi Hamman, Faruq Dankoli, Sule Usman Dio, Siddiq Ibrahim,Sharap Sabongari, Shafiu Halidu, Hamidu Baba, Nura Buba Nyiwa,Bala Audu(alias UBA) and others Under the leadership of Abbo Darge (Alias Abbo No Baga) who is at his late 50s, a renowned motor park thug, who spend his entire youthful age at Kawo Kaduna Motor park for more than 30 years as motor park thug, recently came back to Kakara where he was born and recruited to train youth who are suppose to be his children as thug. In his efforts to execute his contract, he went to katsina for charm and other materials needed including uniform. Who before, during and after the 2019 electioneering campaign has been terrorizing the residents of Kakara and its environs and up to this moment some of them still continue while few had left the group.

We have their picture and videos clips of their activities. Kamkam Traditional Council reported this issue severally to the Nigeria police, Civil Defense corps, CIB and Nigeria army; little was done about it to uproot their activities as they hide under Kakara APC youth. Since they started their operations, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corp had cease 7 (seven) cutlasses while the Nigerian Police ceases three cutlasses and hammer which are all in possession of the security agencies
After the presidential and National Assembly election APC, PDP and other political parties contested were represented at the ward collation centre for collation of result from seventeen polling units making Kakara ward. All the agents of PDP, APC, PDM and INEC collation officers for the President and the National Assembly were receiving polling units result throughout the night, they have received 16 out of 17 polling units, before day break. until the following morning that is on the 24th February, 2019 while waiting for the only polling unit result that is Barup Jauro, Bobboi Bala Kaigama came in at the collation centre with a heavily arm policemen numbering to 10 and the kaura group who came around 6:30am having heard that the result was not in his favor, he ordered all the party agents to go out of the collation hall. Some of the agents ran away out of fear. The policemen on election duty present were few in number hence they cannot be able to do anything to stop them from achieving what they wanted to achieved, because some of them who worked overnight had left the premises. One of the PDP collation officer Barr Abdulkareem A Bakari who refused to go out as Bobboi Bala Kaigama ordered, he personally slapped him twice and ordered the policemen and kaura group to beat him out of the hall, which they complied by beating him until he fail unconscious. He was rush to GeeChan Hospital in Gembu and was admitted for two days.

While the police and kaura group were busy beating Abdulkarim, Bobboi Bala got hold of the result booklet of INEC, ordered the two INEC Presidential and National Assembly collation officers into his car with all electoral material and they zoom off without anybody knowing where they were going, until he was declared wanted by the Nigerian Police Gembu Division. Later that evening he submitted himself to the police at the divisional headquarters Gembu on same day, the records are there for everybody to verify.

The day Governorship election result was announce while People Democratic party supporters were jubilating peacefully all over the town the visibly angry kaura group came out with dangerous weapon and cutlasses and attacked the PDP supporters. Those who sustained injuries from the kaura group attacks while jubilating are Isa from Nyiwa who was beating and his Motorcycle was completely damage beyond repair and one of the PDP supporter who was celebrating and  confronted by the said kauro group he ran into Emma Chemist Shop as a result they follow him and in the process they damage the shop glasses, while they are on rampage the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps arrived, after Kamkam Traditional council reported the matter to them. On their arrival, they intervene by retrieving 7 seven cutlasses from the group.

       Two months after the election, The same Kaura group attack a youth Corper (NYSC) who was serving in Mambilla Beverage Co. Ltd and he was seriously beating where he sustain bruises all over his body which attracted the attention of security agencies all over Sardauna LGA which include Nigerian Police, Civil Defense, Nigerian army, Nigerian air force, the SSS the CIB who came to Kakara to find out and were fully briefed of what happened and the activities of the boys, the matter is still pending in court.

On item B above to the effect that Mbondua ordered the beating of Amina Njidda and her children by yuguda Buba a vigilante attached to Mbondua palace.
Amina Hammanjoda is her name (alias Amina Njidda) she calls HRH Mbondua an uncle because her late mother was a sister to HRH and while stays in Jalingo she manages most of his properties including farm land plantations for more 10 years until when he was crown as Mbondua Kamkam upon coming back home  he had to collect some of the properties back and their relationship remained cordial this woman is a petty trader in Kakara motor park popularly called Tasha on road loading to the Central mosque where Mbondua usually perform his Jummat prayer every Friday and he move on a convoy he will not be in a position to know whether person(s) stand up or not and even if he notice that some person refused to stand up for him, he cannot stop convoy to order a punishment of a person and when an overzealous staff carried any activities without his consent the appropriate thing for any reasonable person to do is to approach the palace with a complain and to wait for the respond of the council, in the instance case neither Mbondua nor Kamkam traditional council ordered the beating or harassment of the said Amina Hammanjoda.

 It only came to the notice of Kamkam Traditional council when she was on her way going back home when she saw the said Yuguda Buba and stopover and started quarrelling and shouting on top of her voice telling him that they should wait for revenge from the Kaura boys tonight. Then Mbondua asked that he heard the voice outside shouting and who was she? Mbondua ordered her to come into the palace to enable him know what was happening. When she came in, he told them that this is my daughter and she calls me uncle. After coming into the palace they asked her what happen she was just raining courses on the palace guards and when he tries to calm her she could not listen, he got tired and ordered her out of the palace. When she left, later that evening Kaura boys who where well arm with cutlasses, knifes and axes raided the palace and they attempted to break into the palace in the process they injured Mahmudu Ahmadu alias Kaltoma who were preventing them from gaining access to the palace.

While heading to the palace they meet Ibrahim Ismail on his way going back home while on his bike, they stop him and  started cutting him cutlasses as result he got injured with bruises all over his body. It took the intervention of the Nigerian army who were station at Tea estate and the Nigerian Police that came and safe the situation. In the process they recovered 3 cutlasses and hammer which are presently in the possession of the Divisional Police Headquarters Gembu.

Item C mentioned above to the effect that Mbondua, Ibrahim and Silas filed criminal charges against Amina Njidda and her children in upper Area court 2 Gembu
 This goes to show that Mbondua is not a dictator but submit himself for legal scrutiny as against the publication that Mbondua Kamkam is a dictator or ruler who violet the human rights of his people or abuse of office as contained in the publication.
The final analysis here is that the entire allegation here is not only false but subversive of the truth and trying to institutionalizing false.
Kamkam Traditional council consist of six districts they include the following are: Kakara, Magu, Barup, Tep, Furmi and maisamari district under the leadership of season civil servant and a successful politician who started civil service career from a primary school teacher and retires as area court Judge throughout meritorious services to his fatherland and his life as politician he held various offices from board member, chairman of board and member of Taraba state executive council as commissioner of Transport and aviation who rendered selfless services in various capacity until he was crowned to occupy this prestigious office and he has achieve so much within this shortest possible time to his credits. Time and place may not allow us to start mentioning the achievement but the truth and false are not the same.

we can remember when he assume office what he told everybody who came to listen that he is a human and have done good and equally have done bad to some Knowingly or unknowingly. He wants to use this opportunity to urge that those he has done bad to them should forgive him and he has forgive those that did bad to him, he hold no grudges against any one. He urges all to join hand with him to develop Kamkam to its enviable height, power come from Allah , Allah alone gives power to whom he want at the time he want. That if it was money that gives Power he wouldn’t have been Mbondua today because he doesn’t have the money to buy his way to the power.

 Long live Kamkam Traditional council,
Long live Sardauna Traditional Council
Long live Taraba State
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.