Senator Ishaku Abbo congratulate Senator Binta Masi Garba on her Ordination as Pastor

Adamawa and Nigeria youngest senator "Senator Ishaku Abbo" (SIA) Congratulate Senator Bin Masi Garba
He wrote

I want to congratulate Senator Binta Masi Garba (BMG) on her ordination as a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A shepherd of the flock of God.
Recall, I contested election against her in 2019 and I defeated her with over 18,000 votes (It’s not by my Power)
Recall also, that Throughout my campaign which spanned well over two years (since 2017), I have never spoken anything negative against her nor attacked her person either in the open or in the private.

I also cautioned my supporters to campaign based on issues and not personal attacks.
As surprising as this will sound, I gave money to APC leaders in my ward to mobilize people to welcome her and attend her rally during her campaign tour to Muchalla Ward.
I also used my Facebook wall to call on my supporters to welcome her well to Mubi and indeed to Fali Land.

While I expected my Distinguished sister and now a Pastor to reciprocate my humane and loving gestures and accept the outcome of the election as the will of the people and most importantly as God’s verdict, I was surprised that BMG was the architect of organizing a mob against my name, dragged me to the election petitions tribunals, took me to the court of Appeal saying I stole her mandate. I hired three (3) SANs and spent so much money.
These monies could have been sunk into a more profitable venture to benefit our long-suffering people of Adamawa North.
I want to hereby make it abundantly clear that I bear no grudges.
For the records, I believe this wonderful Amazon, a shining example of hard work, dedication to duty and a classic example of “beauty with brains” loves her people.
It is not easy to be in the National Assembly for twenty years (20 years). Senator Binta is a role model for our women.

I want to invite you, my Distinguished sister and Pastor, to join hands with me to help our people.
I know you love them.
I wish you all the best.
Once again congratulations for this more noble cause.

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