When words fail, music speaks... especially in this EP.


Adejare Abiodun Azeez known by his stage name fhabey is a Nigerian rapper who is popularly known on the mainland part of lagos city for his amazing rap style and his diversity.The Nigerian fast rising star who just delivered an EP “Mystery Delving” said of the release in a statement, “On this project, I connect with my inner flame, my inner rage. It’s like an outburst on the inside of me that I’ve held in for too long. 

It’s not fueled with negativity, rather it’s fueled with drive, passion, and destiny. What people will hear on this project is a little exhale from me, only that it comes with fire.

The EP features five tracks “ Artificial intelligence “ , “My life ft. OML” , “ Spec ft Kennyblaze” , “Kosoro”, and “Envy” .Take a listen to the full EP.



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