Iam Megaprime Releases Two Songs - Energy ft. Blade and My Way ft. Aon3 from UNCAGE Album


Working on this album was a dream  and now reality for Iam Megaprime- Gida Jnr 

As a continuation to explore good music in the country iam Megaprime a fast growing industry in entertainment just announced its first-ever music compilation album

The announcement was made together with the release of these two tracks from the project which is set to come out fully in December 2024.

Iam Megaprime is set to showcase the rising talents to global standard from the platforms ever-growing roaster on the African continent and to showcase Africa’s ability to foster unity through music.

 “Working on the album has been one of the most important and highlighted effort for us this year, And I feel blessed to have been around so much talents, energy and love all around 

We are verily ready and open to collaborate with any artist, producers and more especially around northern Nigeria. 

One of the major core values and target of iam Megaprime rely solely on  showcasing the best that Africa has to offer, and this platform is working tirelessly on that. 

The most anticipating album and event by iam Megaprime is a collective of multi-talented, independent artists, who iam Megaprime have partnered with to help create a legacy of cultural appreciation and collaboration. 

Building this platform is a process and stepward through which iam Megaprime plans to further highlight the soundscapes of Africa and the diversity of its artists. It’s a celebration of familiar sounds and emerging fusions, of familiar voices and rising stars across. Iam Megaprime is extremely appreciative of the time and dedication it took everyone involved to put this together.

From hosting an event to releasing of two tracks from a then proposed music album #UNCAGE. As one of the top growing  labels in northeastern Nigeria.

The album is expected to feature artists like Dochie, Blaqenergy, Nakta, Whoellz, icyAce, BOC Madaki, the lyrical Maupheen, Joshuatherapper JTR , and producers i.e G Ben, Mi6, Drizzy and vino samari and lots more “ for the sake of Good Noise, iam Megaprime intends to bring diversity and exceptional  bodies of work, aimed at motivating the next generation and developing artists that defy territorial norms and propagates most importantly northern  music to the world.    

By A M Gidahyelda Jnr (Founder) and J W Jirnuya (Director )

DOWNLOAD: Iam Megaprime - Energy ft. Blade (Prod. By Mi6)

DOWNLOAD: IAM Megaprime - My Way ft. Aon3 (Prod. By Drizzy)

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