Adamawa SSG Won't Be Afraid of Political Libelers


"The only thing more irritating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them," claims Criss Jami. Since then, Nigeria has entered its season of enmity and blackmail in preparation for the installation of new state and federal governments. According to an adage, "if you're going to have two faces, at least make one of them pretty, and there is nothing worse than kind words than lies."

Such is typical following the election campaigns. The majority of self-centered politicians engage in evil deeds to prevent others from benefiting from their political sacrifices. Malam Bashiru Ahmad, the Secretary to the State Government of Adamawa, has fallen prey to some politicians' sadistic and self-centered behavior.
Due to the SSG's reputation as a gentleman and technocrat who always acts honorably in both personal and professional situations, the retrogressive found it repugnant.

I declare it emphatically! In the current political climate, no stakeholder in the entire state of Adamawa can compete with the SSG. They cannot bring him down due to their tainted contributions, collusion, or involvement.

The recent publication of a statement attributed to the so-called crucial PDP stakeholders of Jimeta, the local constituency of the SSG, is nothing more than hate speech motivated by envy, equally intended to serve as an abstraction and a diversion.
The so-called statement is invalidated as being false and even malicious because it was prepared by people who lack even the most basic understanding of formal communication, and no one has signed it on behalf of the fictitious stakeholders. Or we could just call it a game of hide-and-seek because everyone is running from the lion, who is now the center of Jimeta politics.

Who are these crucial Jimeta PDP stakeholders, is the question that keeps popping into people's heads. What do they add to the party, exactly? Have they given the PDP their units for the recently held 2023 elections? When the SSG fought valiantly to bring development to Jimeta, where were they? Are they indeed PDP participants whenthe SSG was busy as a bee organising rallies and town hall meetings to canvass votes for the PDP?

If this group answered the so-called stakeholders name, PDP would have clinched Jimeta with a landslide victory in all the recent conducted elections.
The straightforward explanation is that these hypocritical politicians are the same people who have been hostile to the government since 1979 and who continue to benefit most from government favoritism even now. But when contrasted to what Jimeta has accomplished over the past four years, they have little to show for their collective efforts throughout the years, thanks to the SSG's influence on wise and strategic governance.

They have made it quite evident that Governor Fintiri lost the election in Yola North as a result of the SSG, proving that they were ignorant not to vote for the Governor and instead let the SSG demonstrate his power in Jimeta. Who are the actual perpetrators of anti-party activities in the election in light of this?

This has further demonstrated that the SSG was solely responsible for the 24 000 votes that were obtained. That one person could receive this tremendous number of votes is truly historic. This is one more argument in favor of Governor Fintiri keeping this tenacious ally.

The Governor is aware of his genuine adversaries, who have existed since 2019. A leopard's spots never change.
The SSG is undoubtedly a political force to be reckoned with in Jimeta, Adamawa, and Nigeria as a whole because of his position and dedication to humanity. The SSG will never permit angry political slanderers to divert him from the task at hand, carrying out governmental administrative tasks and the new
He was assigned the responsibility by Governor Fintiri to plan the Fresh Air Administration's fitting second term inauguration celebration.

The Fintiri I am familiar with constantly strives for excellence. No one can stop Fintiri from seeking out the greatest when he does so. Nobody can afford to miss the SSG since he has developed into such a tremendous politician.

You would be better off giving up than joining the fight against the SSG, as Governor Fintiri cannot be persuaded to reverse his stance by any amount of fictitious or malicious pressure.

Muhammad B. Muhammad is the author.

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