"Bear your cross," Ikpeazu answers Byron Orji

 With less than three weeks left until the end of his eight-year tenure in Abia, the state governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, and his predecessor and now the senator representing Abia Central in the National Assembly, are coming "face to face".

Ifeanyi Umere, an aide to Abia State Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji titled “Ikpeazu should carry his cross”, in a press release today said, “It is unfortunate that I am forced to comment and refute the half truths he published, stuck because of his bad choices. "For the avoidance of doubt, neither I nor my administration is responsible for the huge salary debts of the country, and for civil servants, civil servants and pensioners. “Before the end of my tenure on May 29, 2015, core officials did not even have monthly salary arrears. Parastatals were those who owed two to four months. The plates are available. "In any case, the delays arose due to a decrease in federal funds due to the weakening of the global economy. The price of oil collapsed and the states received barely two to three billion naira per month, which was not even enough to run the country. . including capital and recurring expenses." "Those who took power from us inherited both assets and debts. In this case, the board is a continuum. So when we were two to three months in debt, we waited for our followers to clear them. This expectation was based on the fact that they received more than three times billion naira from the Federal Government. The economy revived significantly, which allowed the outgoing government to collect significant revenues, as confirmed by the Ministry of Finance. “Why was it difficult for them to get rid of their debts? If for some reason they couldn't or didn't want to compensate, why did they let it explode for 35- 0 months? Why do they also owe nuclear officials? So basically not my problem. They should carry their cross." However, the outgoing governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, in a late night press release said he will not join his predecessors.

According to his Chief Press Secretary, Sir Onyebuchi Ememanka, the statement attributed to Senator T.A.Orji, the immediate past governor of Abia State, caught the attention of the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. “Governor Ikpeazu wishes to announce that he proudly carries the cross of governance of Abia State and will continue to do so until his last tenure. "Secondly, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has no problems with any of his predecessors because of his personal politics. In the almost eight years he has been governor, he has not engaged his predecessors in adverse exchange even when it seemed politically expedient. This policy. is largely responsible about this socio-political stability about what we have been enjoying in Abia State since 2015. The governor intends to continue this personal policy. "Finally, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is of the firm opinion that as in all things, history and posterity will put all things into perspective with time." Senator Orji was instrumental in making Ikpeazu the governor of the state for eight years.

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